First Aid Training for Emergency Team

01 July, 2024

A comprehensive first aid training session for its emergency response team members was organised at Deki on June 27, 2024. Deki organized an engaging first aid training session for its emergency response team members. The training, led by Mr. Vivek Kumar from Magiceye Management Consultants Private Limited, was a thorough and practical exploration of essential first aid skills.

Over the course of six hours, Mr. Kumar covered vital topics such as burn injuries, CPR, bone fractures, bleeding, and general first aid techniques. His hands-on approach and clear demonstrations made the session both interactive and informative.

Our team appreciated Mr. Kumar’s deep knowledge and practical teaching style. The live demonstrations were particularly helpful, allowing participants to practice and solidify their understanding of first aid procedures.

This training marks an important step in enhancing our team’s readiness for emergencies. We’re committed to continuing this momentum with more sessions that promote safety and preparedness for everyone at Deki.