We are Charging the Power Sector

01 October, 2020

Deki's customers include companies working in the power sector, especially:

• Welding Machines
• AC Inverter Circuits
• Industrial UPS
• Automatic Variable Drives
• Railway AC Control Panels

In their quest towards an Atmanirbhar Bharat our customers approached us to develop a full range of power capacitors.
Ever ready for a challenge and believers in Vocal for Local ourselves, we, at Deki, worked on this requirement and have come out with a comprehensive range of capacitors for the power sector. The range includes:

• Axial Capacitors - flat and round in metallised polyester and metallised polypropylene
• DC Link Capacitors - Leaded and lug type
• Snubber Capacitors - Leaded and lug type
• X2 Capacitors with UL/ENEC approval
• DC and AC Filter Capacitors

The power capacitor range has been a great success with customers. In addition to desired performance, Deki customers have not only cut lead times and reduced inventory cost but also saved on valuable foreign exchange.
We are grateful to our customers who believed in us and supported our efforts in developing the indigenous range of power capacitors..
Together, we shall indeed become Atmanirbhar Bharat!

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