Delight customers

The bi-annual customer satisfaction survey provides us clear pointers about the areas of importance to our customers and where we need to improve. Every employee is involved in a continuous exercise of innovation and improvement. An open communication channel and sustained training are key factors in building a customer-oriented culture.

Deliver on commitments

Go that extra mile. Do what you say. Help when required. Working with Deki as your partner for film capacitors is just that. We strive to deliver on commitments both, externally as well as internally. For our customers, delivery on commitments means the right quality at the right time at the right price.

Respect each other

Respect begets respect. Respect builds bridges of friendship and trust. Respect allows a free expression of views and ideas. It makes you listen to what others have to say. It makes you sensitive to the ability and contributions as well as the disabilities of others. Respect at Deki is for each and every stakeholder.

Open and transparent working

Transparency fosters an environment of confidence and trust. The resulting communication and feedback provides for better understanding of objectives and key result areas. Teams work as one with common work goals with clear roles and responsibilities and all stakeholders benefit.