Deki Electronics is the best motor run capacitors manufacturers, suppliers and exporters company based in India. Motor run capacitors are widely used as the start up and running capacitor that is special for single-phase water pump motor, micro water pump, washing machine and cleaning machine.

  • Main Application
    For general sine wave applications, mainly as motor run capacitor.
  • Construction
    Low inductive wound cell of metallized polypropylene film encased in a flame retardant rectangular or round type box.
  • Climatic Category
  • Maximum Operating Temperature
  • Applicable Specification
  • Capacitance Value
  • Capacitance Tolerance
    ±5%, ±10%
  • Insulation Resistance
    Minimum Insulation Resistance Ris >3000s
    IS(or) time constant T= Cr × Ris
    Measured at 500VDC for 60 sec.
    (at 25° C, relative humidity ≤65%)
  • Rated Voltage
  • Voltage Proo
    Between Terminals: 660VAC for 10 sec.
  • Tan δ
    0.002 at 50 Hz
  • Endurance Test
    Loaded at 1.25 times of rated voltage at 85°C for 500 Hours.
  • After The Test
    ΔC/C: ≤5% of initial value
    Increase of Tan δ: ≤0.005
    Insulation Resistance: ≥50% of the value mentioned in IR chart.
Motor Run Capacitors