Manufacturing Industry 4.0

13 July, 2018

Lecture of Mr. Anil Bali at a session on Manufacturing Industry 4.0 organized by CII

The fourth industrial revolution - Industry 4.0 - is slowly making its way into factories. Production processes are increasingly getting automated and integration of digital technology to enhance efficiency is being adopted.

Mr. Anil Bali, Vice President, Deki delivered a lecture at a session on Manufacturing Industry 4.0 organised by CII at Radisson Blu Hotel, Noida on 13 July 2018.

Mr. Bali spoke about the implementation of Industry 4.0 concept at Deki. His talk covered the measurement of capacitor dimensions through cameras including initial steps of Deki on visual inspection through cameras and calculating Overall Equipment Effectiveness through IOT.

Deki’s HR head Mr Rajesh Maurya and Manufacturing Head Mr Amit Verma were available during the session to elaborate on specific aspects of Deki's Industry 4.0 experiences.