The Deki Technical Centre is recognised as an ‘In-house R&D Unit’ by the by the Department of Science & Industrial Research, Government of India since June 2011. The centre is primarily responsible for:

One of the key tasks for the Deki Technical Centre is meeting a continuous target of 25% share of total turnover from new products.

In keeping with this mandate, the Deki Technical Centre has introduced new types of film capacitors in the market consistently. With lighting being an area of prime focus, the Deki Technical Centre has innovated with the PES series and the PSH series.

PES (Polyester Extra Strength) is a unique six-film design that helps achieve better minimum breakdown with similar or lesser size capacitors.

PSH (Polyester Self-Healing) is a unique, patented design that has an inductive construction with self-healing property. Developed especially for high wattage CFLs and HF Ballast the PSH series is an ideal replacement for MPP/MPP 15mm pitch capacitors with a footprint of 5.0mm and 7.5mm pitch.

Another recent development from the Deki Technical Centre is the High Stability Capacitor for energy meters. This capacitor meets a long standing demand of the energy meter industry for a highly stable capacitor for use in high humid coastal areas.

Film Capacitor Guide
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Film Capacitor Basic
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Typical Parameters
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