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16 October, 2020

NeoLync India has been accorded approval under the Production Linked Incentive Scheme (PLI) for Large Scale Electronics Manufacturing. The scheme proposes to boost the electronics manufacturing landscape and establish India at the global level in electronics sector.

NeoLync India is a joint-venture between NeoLync, an Israeli electronics company, and Deki Electronics, an Indian electronic components manufacturer.

With Neolync’s technological knowledge and Deki’s proven track record in capacitor manufacturing, NeoLync India proposes to setup a large manufacturing facility to manufacture passive electronic components including but not limited to capacitors, resistors, inductors and Systems in Packages (SIPs).

NeoLync India will localise component manufacturing and would be important to support industries such as mobile phones, automotive, medical devices, solar energy clean energy products, etc., including Neolync’s other manufacturing projects.

The Neolync team includes a core group of individuals from Israel, US and India, well experienced in navigating multiple cultural environments, developing and maintaining relationships with global brands, design and technology partners, with a mission to spearhead the development of the next India based global electronics manufacturing company.