Customer Satisfaction Survey Success!

18 March, 2024

Most of those who know Deki must be aware of the Customer Satisfaction Survey that we conduct every six months. Since we began measuring in 2004, we've consistently seen growth, starting with an initial satisfaction rating of 75%.

In the most recent survey for July–December 2023 the Deki satisfaction score has come in at 91.96%. This is in keeping with the growth trend of the score.

In every survey, we ask respondents about two areas where we could do better, and then we work on improving those aspects over the next six months. Our customers value the efforts we make to meet their high standards.

A bit about our Net Promoter Score (NPS) now. This score indicates how likely customers are to recommend our products to others. According to Bain & Co, a score above 50 is considered excellent. Well, in the recent survey, Deki's Net Promoter Score stands at a robust 94! Additionally, our price score is at 87%, which is truly uplifting for us.

If you want to learn more about our Customer Satisfaction Survey or other things we're working on, feel free to email your questions to