Deki at Champions of Change dialogue

23 August, 2017

Deki at Champions of Change dialogue

To take India on a high and sustainable growth rates, the government and the private sector have to work collaboratively. To facilitate this partnership NITI Aayog organised an interactive two-day conference on Aug 21 and 22, 2017. Called "Champions of Change”, the effort aims to foster conversations between the private sector and the government and includes the Prime Minister.


Taking this forward, top CEOs from different sectors of industry deliberated over six different key themes:

1) A New India by 2022
2) Make in India
3) Cities of Tomorrow
4) World Class Infrastructure 
5) Doubling Farmer Incomes
6) Fixing Finance; Reforming the Financial Sector

Mr Vinod Sharma, Managing Director, Deki Electronics, was a member of the group that focused on "Make In India". His presentation focussed on the challenge of tackling the 4 Cs - Cost, Complexity, Corruption and Culture - that are holding back the rise of manufacturing in India.

Four main focus areas emerged on which the government will work as enabler and the private sector as implementation agent.

The areas are:
a. Conducive Business Environment (land, labour, capital and ease of doing business)
b. Logistics and infrastructure
c. MSMEs
d. Industry 4.0 (innovation and disruptive technologies)