Mr. Vinod Sharma, Chairman-CII, Uttar Pradesh

11 March, 2019

Mr. Vinod Sharma, Managing Director, Deki Electronics, was elected Chairman-CII, Uttar Pradesh, on 1st March 2019 at Lucknow.

He has earlier served as the Chairman of the CII-National ICTE Committee, working on policy advocacy and industry development in this important sector at a broader, national level.

In the new role Mr. Sharma's focus shifts to the industry issues and promotion at the state level. In terms of population, Uttar Pradesh would be the world’s 5th largest 'country' with immense potential for industry and manufacturing.

"I am grateful for the trust that the CII members have reposed in me. The challenges are immense and I hope to be able to contribute my bit with the manufacturing experience that I have garnered at Deki and the institutional experience gained at CII." says Mr. Sharma.