The new box line unboxed

21 October, 2021

Well, this is almost like a puzzle. While our capacity has doubled after our recent expansion, you will be happy to learn that our box capacitor line has tripled. Now, while you figure out the mathematics, let us share the benefits that our customers will enjoy:

Shorter lead times. We shall be able to deliver faster because we are producing faster.

Import substitution. No need to import film box capacitors when they are being produced in India itself. Imagine the benefits that accrue from this one, single fact.

Increased availability of UL and ENEC approved X2 range of capacitors. Do we really need to outline the advantage in this case? Surely not.

If you want to know more about the Deki range of box film capacitors, or even our dip type and other special film capacitors, please contact Mohd. Shariq on +91 9313808478 or email