Series Changer
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Deki Electronics has been serving with the high quality capacitors range, widely known for their reliability, low inductance, high current capability & high efficiency worldwide with utmost precision since its inception.
Get Epcos B32651-6,B32671,2L series film capacitor replaced with Deki Electronics 30 series, one of the best and highly acclaimed alternative of Epcos B32651-6,B32671,2L film capacitor. For Deki, customer satisfaction has always been our first priority and we believe in making them happy by providing the innovative and superior quality products.

Main Application :
SMPS, motor control circuits, deflection circuit in TV sets (fly back) and monitors electronic ballast, snubber and SCR commutating circuits and applications with high voltage and high current.
Rated Voltage :
Construction :
Series constructed, low inductive wound cell of metallized polypropylene film as electrodes coated with flame retardant epoxy resin or encased in a flame retardant box.
Voltage Proof :
Between terminals: 1.6 times of rated voltage for 2 sec.
Climatic Category :

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